Bring the quick back to questions

Our 60-second video Q&As are the fastest way to ask and answer questions

The quickest way to meet with anyone

Host a live Q&A with thousands of fans, run an efficient town hall with your direct reports, or ask your coworker a quick question.  

Popular Ways to SQQ

Hosted Events

Host consecutive 1:1 live Q&A's with your audience. Fans simply wait in line for their own private, 60-second one-on-one chat.

Office Hours

Transforming how leaders engage with employees. Remove the friction from hearing and answering your team's questions with our solution to town halls and office hours.

Everyday Questions

Our integrations with the communication tools you're already using make it easy to ask your co-workers a quick question.

Connect with your fans

Our live events allow fans to meet with their favorite celebrities, athletes, or experts one-on-one for 60 seconds each. 

SuperQuickQuestion's hosting and queuing functionality provides a turn-key solution for Q&As. All you need to do is answer the questions.



"There's nothing like this in sports. This is the only way fans can connect live with athletes one-on-one."

- David Safer
Cleveland Browns VP Corporate Sponsorships


Connect with your employees

Turn office hours into a productive time with private, one-on-one, 60 second Q&As for you and your team. 

Simply schedule time and invite your team. They'll hop into the queue and line up to grab 60 seconds with you. 

"I use SQQ for weekly ‘pitch meeting’ events to hear my team’s ideas. When people are passionate about a good idea, they have no problem pitching it in a minute!"

- Samantha Maltin
Sesame Workshop CMO

Loved by brands around the globe 

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