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NBA + Israel: The Ultimate Assist

Case Study: The Power of SuperQuickQuestion to Connect an NBA Team, Its Rising Star, and a Foreign Nation of Untapped Fans

Washington Wizards forward Deni Avdija is the only Israeli-born player in the NBA. Fans in Deni's home country don't just like the 3-time Israeli League champion and former Israeli League MVP -- they LOVE him.

How can the Wizards identify, engage, and delight those thousands of fans a world away -- the ones who have no way to truly, meaningfully connect with their beloved NBA star?

Thankfully for those fans, Monumental Sports & Entertainment has an annual contract in place with SuperQuickQuestion, which gives their teams (Wizards/Mystics/Capitals) a fun, innovative and efficient way to handle virtual player appearances safely, securely, and remotely. Here's how MSE used SQQ to connect a foreign country with their national hero...

The Wizards requested a custom SQQ registration page that included “zip code” among the data fields, and their social media team posted the registration page on Twitter.

Engagement from fans in Israel was instant and obvious, with almost 40% of sign-ups coming from Deni’s home country. Following SQQ’s recommended best practices, the Wizards invited 40 lucky fans to participate in the one-hour event.
Before SQQ, a major pain-point for the Wizards, like most NBA teams, was fulfilling player appearances required by the NBA collective bargaining agreement. The team's frequent travels made in-person meet and greets very difficult to pull off, particularly since players wanted to have downtime with family when not traveling. So, SQQ gave the team a robust solution for remote events, and Deni hosted his SQQ Q&A from a Cleveland hotel the night before a Cavaliers road game.

Deni was moved by the rare opportunity to connect with fans in Israel – “It’s cool man. It’s unique. I really like it a lot.” – and not surprisingly, his fans were thrilled…

  • “Deni is very nice and a king.”
  • “Deni is the sweetest!”
  • “We got to meet our FAVORITE player!!!”
  • “Deni was awesome!”
After every event, SQQ immediately delivers to the client all the raw video files and SQQ Snapshot photo keepsakes (see below). This is the kind of content – magic moments of player-fan interactions – that works perfectly in newsletters, on social media, and on video boards during games, like this interaction between Deni and a young Jewish superfan.

Deni Highlight Video

Click to watch the full video!

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*Fanbase Revelations
The Wizards were curious to find out how many fans they have in Israel. It turns out quite a lot, and these fans were eager to jump on a unique opportunity like this!

*Valuable Data
The team collected email addresses and zip codes for every fan who signed up, creating a powerful opportunity for follow-up outreach and targeted marketing.

*Amazing Experiences
The fan testimonials speak volumes, as do the video clips of their faces lighting up when they first see Deni. As an NFL VP once said about SQQ, “there’s nothing like this in sports. This is the only way fans can connect live with athletes one-on-one.”

*Compelling Content
Every SQQ event provides 40 cracks at a viral moment, creating the most scalable way for teams and brands to deliver authentic fan engagement content.

*Simple Repeatability
Beyond Deni, the Wizards have players from Italy, France, Canada, and Australia on their roster going into the 2023-24 NBA season, and now they have the ultimate playbook for how to engage those passionate fans in foreign countries in an easy, efficient, and unforgettable way!